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merchandising psy
Merchandising  tee shirt & sweet shirt GANG NAM STARS for your évent.
Psy lookalike Gangnam style
finally lookalike Psy is available for your event with the famous song Gangnam style which toured the world and views on youtube
psy lookalike Gangnam style
look alike psy
incredible look alike psy
(In the press)
Psy lookalike who is dancing.
  It looks like the South Korean singer "Gangnam Style" as two drops of water and decided to take ...

His diary is full for the next month. Born in Seoul a year before Psy, "he glasses Psy. He has the habit of Psy, the look, the size, Psy smile. "It is the perfect double of the South Korean star ("I dressed in style long before his success does so known in France. And my glasses, I have 2 years ...," he says) and quickly realized that it would be a shame not to enjoy it. And no matter if its "success is due to one another," that the "fun".

"The people we were photographing the situation we escaped"

It all began last September in Dublin, when he comes to the premiere of his show, "With my friend, we were in a club. A crowd attroupée. People we photographed. The situation completely eluded us. We managed to reach the exit by the bouncers. Then it happened again more, to become very annoying in my private life, "he says sometimes have" show his ID to prove he is not Psy. "

"Very awkward," the situation was until he decides to return to his favor, by mounting a show as the double star, first in England and Paris. are only the first steps of his tour, he will continue "the next month" in Spain where he lives, before "the two summer months in Ibiza." That earns an evening "Gangnam Style"? "The equivalent of one month's salary from his usual job". Psy look-alikes, soon competing with Johnny?